What are the best RC cars for beginners?

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RC (remote control) has been around for many years. We are bringing a new spin with this magazine covering the love for the sport.

Buying a car is exciting; whether it’s the first car or the seventh. This sense of pride is what makes our readers share and read.

Passion to play whether it’s carpet, dirt, or clay. Win or lose, having more fun just being able to participate.

There’s a place for everyone no matter if it’s a mini or a large 1/5 scale. We are just glad that you own something.

We encourage you to not only tell people about this site but also why you enjoy RC (remote control) cars.

The goal is to help people enjoy life by sharing these wonderful toys. The brand really doesn’t matter when getting someone hooked.

Picking The Right RC Brand

If you need to know some brands here are a few Arrma, Traxxas, Horizon Hobby, Redcat Racing, Associated Electronics, HPI Racing, and Kyosho.

RC (remote control)

What everyone likes is up to them it doesn’t matter if it’s nitro, electric, two-wheel, four-wheel, or broken with no wheels.

The price can’t keep you out of this sport, that’s not an excuse. If new is out of reach the used market is hot right now.

Social media platforms have plenty of good deals. Buy on social only from people you know or your friends know to limit being scammed.

Not comfortable with social get on eBay; the marketplace that has everything. The key to winning an auction is to do research. Understand what the market is and decide early what you are willing to pay.

It’s a good time for estate and garage sales since it’s starting to warm up. Finding a hidden treasure with its own story is always exciting.

Rock crawling, bashing, or drag racing there’s RC (remote control) for everyone. But don’t pick one try them all.