RC Carpet Car Inspiration, Hope On How To Deal With Life

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My RC carpet car has made me look at everything in the world differently. It’s more than just a toy but is a way for me to use my knowledge and skills with others. It helped me to create this blog and gave me new ideas of how to relate to people differently.

I’ll never be a racer but I can share the joy of this sport in many other ways. It gives me a reason to get out of the house every weekend. I look forward to Sundays after my Peloton workouts.

It’s my tool for helping me figure out who I am. When I’m on the track my worries disappear. I’m running against the lap time pushing my car the distance. Funny enough, I’m pretty bad at it but I enjoy it. You can see in the picture below the front is scratched up from me hitting the wall at the track.

Kyosho RC Carpet Car
Kyosho Fazer 1/10 Mercedes AMG

When I’m home I’ll spend some time working on my Kyosho RC carpet car. Checking little things like the suspension or making sure nothing fell off at the track.

RC Carpet Car and Stress

I tend to have a lot of thoughts regarding work. It’s hard to free my mind from these worries of whether I can finish a project on time or deal with employees leaving the team. It’s the normal life of a manager that’s striving to achieve company goals.

My carpet car helps me put some of that negative energy behind me. Some people like fishing and reading books but this is something more exciting. If you like working on cars or even enjoy computers this hobby can be very fun.

It has enough complexity to keep me entertained but not so sophisticated that I feel like I need to be a rocket scientist. I know that I’m not the smartest person and I don’t want to be. I want to go through life and not take everything so seriously.

RC Carpet Car In The Classroom

These are the best tools to teach kids responsibility and how to troubleshoot. Things are simple at times but we make things so complicated. Toys can be educational and this is one that I encourage you to expose your child to.

Did you know that to use the radio of an RC car it has to be programmed to the receiver? Yeah, most people don’t know that, it’s why these are very good teaching tools. As real electric cars become more common toy cars will be the basis for teaching basic concepts. Classrooms will be able to describe how electricity, batteries, and motors work by demonstrating them on these cars.

Toy Cars and Dealing With Anxiety or Depression

When things get a little too heavy for me to deal with I’ll make my way out to the garage. I’ll use some of this time to focus on the nitro or gas cars. It’s something about being able to use a real socket or wrench on a toy. It gives me a feeling of working on a full-size car.

At that moment all the chaos of life slows down and all I’m focusing on is finding the faulty part. This is probably the one time that I will spend time looking through all of the parts manuals that I can find.

In my twenties, I was fascinated with how small engines worked. I thought that I wanted to work on motorcycles. So I ended up taking a small engines class at the local tech school. It was one of the best things that I could have ever done. To this day I use those skills, I even work on my lawn mower in the summer.

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