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Making an exotic car blog of some kind is something that I believe I was meant to do. As a kid, I would sit in my room looking at magazines and drawing my car pictures for hours. This was way before the computer and no one had even heard of the internet.

Fast forward to now I’m taking my passion for these beautiful cars and creating something to reflect my personality. Lamborghini by far is the car that I dream about most, one day I hope to own one. Many pages of this blog will be dedicated to those cars.

Exotic Car Blog - Pink Lambo
Pink Carrera 1/32 Analog Lamborghini

I do enjoy the Ferrari, specifically the LaFerrari but you have to have big dollars for one of those. I don’t see one of those in my future but you never know. There will be toy car posts for sure honoring these cars, I have a couple of them in my collection.

Exotic Car Blog Vintage Ferrari Racer
Vintage Ferrari Racer Red 21 – Scalextric Limited Edition

As adults, we give up on the cars that we grew up loving. There’s no need to give up because toy cars give you the ability to collect these cars. Don’t take out expensive loans or sell your house to reach your dream; just think a little smaller.

Slot cars are a perfect way to share the passion of cars. Perform the maintenance yourself and be back and running in a matter of minutes. Build your road track; make it as big or small as you would like.

This exotic car blog will hopefully get you pumped about owning one of these cars. The price of a real car will keep most people out of the means to buy one. Hopefully, that won’t keep you from getting into the toy car hobby.

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Toys I Wish I Could Find to Put On This Exotic Car Blog

Depending on your taste the Mercedes AMG GT could be a supercar. I had a chance to drive one and these are beautiful cars inside. The thing that I continue to think about is when you turn the steering wheel how the seat inflates to keep you snug (hard to explain). Let’s just know that regular everyday cars don’t have that.

Anyway, there aren’t a lot of regular AMG GT slot cars out there. If you find them they are more in the racing style like the one pictured below.

Exotic Car Blog Mercedes
Mercedes AMG 1/32 Silver/Grey Carrera Slot Car

Another hard-to-find slot car is anything, Lexus. I’m a huge Lexus fan but these cars are your diamond in the rough. You’ll occasionally find them in their racing livery but nothing like a regular everyday driver look. If they ever come out with a 1/32 Lexus LFA slot car I’ll be the first person to get one.

If slot cars aren’t your thing, an RC car can fill any void. I instantly think about a 1/5 remote control car for the biggest collector. It’s big enough with the right body type to keep anyone satisfied. I can imagine something like a 1/5 scale custom RC gas Lamborghini. If you aren’t sure what a 1/5 Scale RC looks like check them out on YouTube.