Be Glad Hit That Nitro To Become The Powerful Supreme Racer

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Hit that nitro, let’s go fast and make some noise. Let others know and hear the power. Watch the cloud of small exhaust smoke show the quick acceleration.

It’s like the sound of a bee, zipping past. Leaving a trail making it easy to see where the car has been. Yeap, the new trailblazer, literally.

Don’t ask why, be prepared to be amazed and you won’t question anything about this car type. It can be a little temperamental but who doesn’t have a temper? Who wants something that is just too simple, that’s when it becomes no fun.

Give this little monster some room to work. It’s a blast and has a little quickness like a dirt bike. Hmmm, kind of sounds like one now that I think about it.

Make sure to check the brakes before each run, without them, it will be very difficult to stop this little bullet. This Traxxas RC car in the video is one of the best impressions I’ve ever seen as a toy with a disc brake.

Hit That Nitro Audience

This car is best for a teenager to an adult. Someone who can easily get the fuel in it without making a mess. It needs to be adjusted occasionally to get it to run smoothly.

Nitro uses little plugs that are called glow plugs. It’s neat to see the little plug light up. Think of a lawn mower with a spark plug on top. Same concept, a spark goes thru and fires the fuel. The glow plug has a little coil that lights up orange and heats the nitro fuel.

The car in the video is a Traxxas Jato 3.3 but remember we don’t care what RC you get as long as you have one.

There are plenty of nitro cars and trucks that I will introduce you to. Stay tuned, I’ve got a couple of them. The cars you see in these blog posts are my personal cars.


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There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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