A Remote Control Toy Car Doesn’t Hold Value

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Don’t look for a remote control car to create investment income like a slot car. For some reason, remote controls haven’t been able to hold onto prices. It could be because their owners are a lot more hard on them. The big thing right now is bashing which tends to break the car.

What’s interesting is that these basher cars can be repaired like slot cars. There are plenty of parts out there available to fix cars these days. Maybe that’s the issue, there are way too many cars available by manufacturers. Take your pick.

Motorcycles are no different, even though there is some demand for them. I’ve been keeping an eye on vintage nitro RC motorcycles auctions. Sellers are trying to ask near $700 but there doesn’t appear to be any buyers snatching them up. I can only talk from my personal experience but it’s hard for me to pay money like that for something I’m not sure if I can find a part for.

The technology changes with each generation of cars. It would be easy to upgrade the electronics in an old car but most would want it original. What would would an all-original car be worth? Is it worth more than a new car that’s way faster and tougher?

Will this change? Only time will tell us if these cars can become collectors. If I was treating them like a stock, I wouldn’t invest in them. I love remote-controlled cars for the fun factor. When I purchase one I don’t do it to try to recoup any money.

For all of you carpet car racers out there, know that your car will become obsolete at some point. They make new kits to replace the old kits. The way the suspension or engine lays in the chassis will affect the handling. That’s when they come up with a new class of car racing to support the quicker chassis. Eventually, everyone will stop racing the old car making them not worth anything.

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